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History of LTSI

March 2005

Greg Kroah-Hartman started to maintain the 2.5 kernel as the first Long Term Stable Maintenance (LTS) and spelled out the rules of accepting patches to LTS.

July 2005

First ever LTS (2.6.16) kernel released.

June 2011

Greg Kroah-Hartman and leaders from the consumer electronics industry meet at LinuxCon Japan in Yokohama to exchange thoughts on the needs of LTS for the embedded industry.

August 2011

Greg Kroah-Hartman defined the LTS selection rules and announced them at LinuxCon North America

October 2011

The launch of LTSI was announced at ELC Europe in Prague.

July 2012

First LTSI (3.0) release.

August 2012

Partnership with Yocto Project announced and LTSI kernel goes into Yocto repository.

January 2013

LTSI 3.4 released.

August 2013

LTSI Test Project launched at LinuxCon North America. This became Fuego on March 2016.

February 2014

LTSI 3.10 released.

January 2015

LTSI 3.14 released.

May 2015

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) announced the spec 1.0 that included LTSI as their requirement as a kernel.

April 2016

Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) launched to maintain new long term kernel.

September 2017

LTSI 4.9 released.