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The LTSI is an ecosystem-wide collaborative project hosted by the Linux Foundation to create and maintain long-term sustainable kernel for the industry that contains additional features such as cutting edge device support as well as security and bug fix patch available in community long-term maintenance kernel.

Now that cyber security risk becomes very serious, product manufacture must provide appropriate fixed patch release. However, heavily customized kernel (is common in the embedded industry) hardly apply such fixed patch.

LTSI aims to eliminate locally developed in-house patches and provide common industry kernel that contains all required new device support backported from a more recent kernel with huge testing by industry developers.

Value of LTS Kernel

The benefit of an LTS kernel, is that you get a longer lifetime (two years) in comparison to the regular kernel (rougly 70 days), with community support for security, bug fixes and patches.

In addition, it also provides the foundation to add required features, such as cutting edge device support from a recent kernel release; a process to ensure that security fixes are safely applicable for a longer lifetime, and provide the ability to collaborate with industry leaders to share experiences and discuss requirements.