LTSI Test Process

LTSI Test Process with Fuego 


The LTSI project will conduct a shared testing by using a Jenkins based testing tool, Fuego as a common testing platform.

By taking advantage a "common test platform" which anyone can use, we should be able to reduce a lot of duplicated effort we are currently making on testing.

During the LTSI development process, we hope to do these things :


1. Encourage the developers and companies to contribute the test cases to Fuego.

2. Conducts the test using Fuego on their target boards and share the results over the LTSI mailing list.

3. Contribute the fixes to the mainline kernel, and Fuego if any.



Fuego & JTA (Former LTSI Testing Tool)

LTSI Testing Project originally started with Jenkins based Test Automation tool called "JTA", which was originally contributed by Cogent. JTA was started as a "LTSI Testing Project" under the umbrella of LSTI Project. Over time, more and more new requirements for the testing tool coming in from the CE industry, so Tim Bird, has decided to start a new open source community that specifically focus to expand the existing JTA to something fit better to the current industry needs, which eventually become, now called, Fuego.


LTSI will now be using Fuego, but as you can see above, if you have used JTA before, it should not be hard to start using Fuego.


Access to Fuego

You can access to the LTSI Test environment and other related resources from the below links. You can find the all the information regarding Fuego very easily.


Fuego Test Framwork Wiki


Fuego Mailing List: