Open Source Summit Japan & Automotive Linux Summit 2017

LSTI Presence at Open Source Summit Japan & Autotive Linux Summit 2017

LTSI Session:
"Using Long Term Stabel Kernel for Automotive"
Speaker: Tsugikazu Shibata (NEC)
Event: Automotive Linux Summit
Date & Time: 2:50pm on June 2nd

You can see summary of the session here.

LTSI Workshop 
Date & Time: June 2nd, 2017 start from 4pm
Venue: Room2 on the 3rd Floor
We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss about the future requirements to the Linux & LTSI kernel with the attendees.
Therefore, we would like to have a BoF style meeting to discuss on  the future demand/requirements for Linux Kernel from the industry.
The areas of new requirements can be vary, but we can foresee that there would be demands to include the features such as, container, virtualization, SIL, Real Time, IPv6 to the Kernel.

So we would like to welcome those who wish to share your thoughts (or hearing someone's thoughts) in the area mentioned above.
Of course, the recommended agenda is not limited to above! If you have ANY topics you wish to share and discuss with LTSI community, please come around!!

In the meantime, we will also be talking about the development schedule of the new release of LTSI Kernel.