LTSI-3.14 Release Note

LTSI Kernel Maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman on Jan. 9 released the latest version of the LTSI Kernel (3.14.28-LTSI).

The following are the changes that have been merged for each release.


  • ktap 0.4, a lightweight script-based dynamic tracing tool for Linux was back ported. Please visit  for more information.


  • Intel Low Power Sub-system (LPSS) PWM, found in Intel Baytrail & Braswell SoC. The PWM driver supports both PCI and ACPI enumeration. (The clock rate for PWM is set through driver data because the PWM does not have any clock dividers or gate for varying the clock). 
  • I2C/SMBus i801, added PCI Device ID for Intel Baytrail, Braswell & Intel Wildcat Point (PCH).
  • LPC ICH MFD has various features included in LTSI v3.14, listed below:

       + supports PCI enumeration for Intel Braswell SoC and Intel 9 Series PCH.

       + iTCO v3 support for Intel Avoton SoC.

       + GPIO support for Intel Avoton SoC, Panther Point PCH and NM10 chipset

  • Watchdog iTCO, the driver is now at v1.11 version which supports v3 silicon with slightly different iTCO functionality and register maps change. For details, please see "watchdog: iTCO_wdt: Add support for v3 silicon.”


Renesas R-CarH2 Lager Board and R-CarM2 Koelsch board are now supported.

    • Renesas R-Car M2/MH latest device support codes are added.
    • Expanded DTS (Device Tree Support).


If you wish to find more detailed information on the differences between 3.14-lts and 3.14-ltsi please download DIFF-STATS FILE that shows the exact difference between 3.14.28-lts and 3.14.28-ltsi.

With these releases, 900 upstream bug/security fixes have been applied. This should result in a reduction of in-house maintenance costs for the companies that use the LTSI Kernel.