Quick Guide to Get Ready for LTSI 3.10


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The 3.11 kernel release is on Sept. 2. So I think it is a good time to update the development schedule of LTSI 3.10 and provide a brief guideline to participate in the LTSI 3.10 development process.
Development Schedule:
LTSI 3.10 Merge Window Opens:
LTSI merge window should open on the date that the 3.12 MAINLINE KERNEL is RELEASED, WHICH IS THE DATE 3.10 WILL BECOME FORMALLY LTS.
Since the 3.11 mainline kernel was released on Sept. 2, and the new kernels come out roughly around every 2 months, we assume that we can open the merge window around early November.
The Merge Window should open for 60 days.
Testing Period:
After the 60-day merge period, we will take a 30-day testing period.
Based on the assumption that the merge period would start Nov. 1, the testing period will start Jan. 1 and end Jan. 30, 2014.
So we can assume that we can release LTSI 3.10 around the early to mid-February timeframe.
What to do to participate:
Here is the list of tips to participate in the LTSI 3.10 development process and take full advantage of LTSI project.
  1. Check what is in the 3.11 kernel to see if there are any new features, functions, device drivers etc that you would like to add on top of LTS-3.10.
  2. Keep your eyes on 3.12 kernel development to see if any new features, functions, device drivers etc, that you wish to add on top of LTS-3.10, are merging to the 3.12 mainline kernel.
  3. If we are lucky enough, we can also back port the patch from 3.13 kernel to this LTSI kernel development cycle.
  4. Throw your patch over to the mailing list (https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/mailman/listinfo/ltsi-dev)
  5. We basically back port only the patches that are previously accepted to the main line kernel. In the meantime if you have in-house patches that are NOT merged with the mainline kernel yet, please don't be discouraged, but send your patches anyway. We have LTSI Patchwork (https://patchwork.kernel.org/project/ltsi-dev/list/), which is a collection of patches that are submitted to LTSI mailing list. From this patch work, you can cherry pick the patches you wish to add on to LTSI-3.10 on your own.
If you have any questions, please free free to contact the LTSI Project team: (http://ltsi.linuxfoundation.org/participate-in-ltsi/contact-us)